August 4, 2020

S.A soccer star owes his success to Prophet Bushiri’s encouragement

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S.A soccer star owes his success to Prophet Bushiri’s encouragement

A local soccer star from the Pretoria has finally made it to the top in his soccer career.

Sunnyboy Mabetoa, staying in Pretoria, started his football career at the age of 12.

He later got an opportunity to play for another team, Polokwane United, at the age of 13.

“By the grace of God, I qualified to play for Tuks at the University of Pretoria when I was 15.

“After two years, I was moved to another club called Rangers when I was 17,” he said in an interview with South Africa online magazine

In 2016, Sonny had tried to elevate this career by aiming for bigger soccer clubs such as Orlando Pirates. Unfortunately, he did not make it.

“In 2016, I went to Orlando Pirates for trials.

“I was rejected because my body was not suitable for what they call the Gorillas team Orlando Pirates and these were words said by the coach himself.

“I tried the Supersport and Netbank team, but I still did not make it and I thought my career was over.

“I thought of giving up because of the hurt and rejection I experienced.

Sunnyboy, an ECG Church member and also a youth magnet, never missed church services.

He told that he never took the encouragement from his spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for granted.

“He encouraged us as a youth to never give up on anything. We should keep trying and eventually, everything will work to our own good.”

He added that he was always encouraged by my brothers that echoed Prophet Bushiri against giving up because God is still alive and will do it for him.

After a time, struggling to gain a soccer career, Sonnyboy received an email from overseas saying he should come and play for a team there.

“l got an email from Future Lions, which is based in the United Kingdom.

“Unfortunately, everything was delayed because of the pandemic.”

Sunnyboy is now playing for Swetes FC in Antigua Premier League team.


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