October 17, 2020

Prophet Bushiri’ case postponed again for the fourth time: Is this prosecution or persecution?

Kingdom Age

High Court in Pretoria has, for the fourth time in two years, postponed to May 31 2021 the case in which Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, are being accused of fraud, money laundering and contravention of exchange regulations.

The court session lasted for 5 minutes and was held through video conference.

In a statement released Friday afternoon signed by Prophet Bushiri’s spokesperson, the couple appeared before the court for the fourth time hoping for trial and, just as it has been the case in the previous three appearances, the case was again postponed at the request of the State-stated reason that they were not ready.

“During the last appearance on July 20, the judge postponed the case Friday 16 October because State argued that their witnesses could not turn up to the court for fear of COVID-19.

“In today’s hearing, the court was supposed to enter a pre-trial so that the Judge understands the current status of each witness with regard to their fears to attend court due to Covid-19 and produce medical certificates where necessary,” said Nyondo.

To their surprise, added Nyondo, the Judge simply requested the State to give him a new trial date.

“It is also worth mentioning that the State sent our lawyers a revised indictment, 45 minutes before the court appearance which could term as an ambush,” he said.

However, added Nyondo, the Prophet, as a law-abiding citizen, still believes in the integrity of the South Africa’s justice system and he will still cooperate with the courts until justice is served and prevailed.

“He remains grateful and thankful for your prayers and support,” he said.


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