December 4, 2020


Church Event


1. What is a Crossover Night Service?

A Crossover Night is a special annual service at ECG Church meant to unite church members and followers to end a year and begin another one in prayer. It begins on 31 December and ends on 1st January.

2. History of Prophet Bushiri’s Crossover

The first Crossover Night was held at Bingu International Conference in Lilongwe in 2014. The second, the third and the fourth were held at FNB Stadium in South Africa amassing an attendance of over 100 000 people. In 2018, the Crossover Night was held at Pretoria Showgrounds. In 2019, the Crossover returned to FNB Stadium.

3. What’s new about 2020/21 Crossover?

The 2020/21 Crossover is called the Miracle Night Crossover. It will be held in Malawi after 6 years. Malawi’s biggest soccer cathedral, Bingu National Stadium (BNS), will host this event. Tens of thousands of people are expected to fly in Lilongwe to attend this great event.

4. What’s the connection between Crossover Event and tourism?

In South Africa, Prophet Bushiri’s Crossover events were deemed number one tourism puller in Gauteng.  Being a province with no access to beaches and shores, Gauteng benefited immensely from tens of thousands of people who flocked in to province—covering transportation, hospitality, catering, visits, hawkers, etc. The excitement is that what Gauteng experienced, will now be in Lilongwe. The question is: Is Lilongwe ready?

5. What is   Lilongwe?

Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi, on the Lilongwe River. At its heart, woodland trails weave through the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. This sanctuary shelters rescued and injured animals, including lions, monkeys and crocodiles. Shops and restaurants dot the Old Town district. The Capital City district, also called City Centre, is home to the 21st-century, Chinese-built Parliament building and central government offices.

The city is also an hour’s drive to the breath-taking Lake Malawi, rated Africa’s best fresh water lake, with its blue allure that dazzles the eye as you sit on its sandy, clean beaches. Visit the following websites:  

6. How do you get to Malawi?

First of all, you need to check visa requirements of your country with regards to entering Malawi. Do you need a prior visa or you get visa upon arrival? Google can help you. However, if you are in the SADC region and part of East African countries such as Kenya, you don’t need visa to get to Malawi.

There are three modes of transportation to get to Lilongwe, Malawi. You can use flights, business and, of course, personal transportation.

7. I want to go to Malawi, what should I do?

Currently, the church has instructed all its National Offices to inform church branches to start registering people who want to travel to Malawi. This is for purposes of ensuring ease of transport and accommodation arrangements.

8. When in Malawi, where do I easily find accommodation?

The organizing Committee is busy developing a compendium of all hotel, lodges and guest houses that provides secure, decent and affordable accommodation to visitors.

9. How safe is Malawi?

Malawi is also known as the warm heart of Africa because of the generosity and friendliness of its people. It’s rated the second peaceful and secure nation in Africa. Most Malawians speak local Chewa language but English is also spoken widely.

If you have any queries or you want more information on 2020/21 Miracle Crossover Night, please contact us on these numbers: +265993038464, +27 82 580 4627 and +265 999 93 23 11. You can also visit our websites: or


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