August 4, 2020

Prophet Bushiri reveals true nature of the devil: details ten lies devil uses to trick people

Lie 1: That the devil is very powerful!

Lie 2: That the days of miracles, prophecy and the supernatural are over!

Lie 3: That you are the only one going through troubles and no-one cares!

Lie 4: That you are not gifted and can’t do great things!

Lie 5: That your words are not powerful and don’t matter!

Lie 6: That some things are impossible!

Lie 7: That when you pass through problems, God does not love you!

Lie 8: That there is no need to tithe or to give; you are still a child of God!

Lie 9: That you need more faith!

Lie 10: That your mind is sober. It is not the Holy Spirit, or the devil.


Publish Date:

October 16, 2020